Energy is fundamental for the well functioning of Europe’s economy. It underpins every other Commission initiative, but especially the push for jobs and growth. Without a secure and affordable supply, Europe’s competitiveness will not improve. Equally important though is the sustainability of the energy system as a whole. The Juncker Commission has made the completion of the aptly named Energy Union one of its key priorities whilst ensuring that a forward-looking climate change policy runs through its core.

In parallel, the Commission is also working on a paradigm shift – the Circular Economy. Europe’s environmental regulations, alongside its major economic policies, will be changing to close the resource loop. The first to be tackled are the waste directives. Then later all product design will be influenced to embed sustainability from the ground up. This philosophy will change most existing legislation and be a foundational element of every new initiative.


Frederic Soudain

Frédéric Soudain
Director Public Affairs & Governmental Projects

15 years of experience in designing and leading EU advocacy campaigns in numerous policy areas


Ana Mingo

Trilingual Policy Stategist for several corporate and industrial associations from the environment, energy and ICT sectors.


Pauline Lucas

Advocacy campaign manager for industry associations and corporate clients in the field of energy, environment and health


Tomas Dimitrov

Policy analyst & association management coordinator in the energy and ICT sectors.


Elena Guillet
Junior Consultant

Policy analyst in the energy and environment fields. 

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Thomas Da Silva Rosa
Junior Consultant

Policy analyst in the energy and environment fields.


Bernard Gindroz
Senior Advisor Standardisation

20 years’ experience, EU expert on standardisation, climate change and ‘smart cities’


Charles La Roche
Senior Advisor Association Management

Former VP European External Affairs at Unilever, currently a guest lecturer at University of Liège, and board member of several associations


Jean Claude Lahaut
Senior Advisor Chemicals & Air Quality

Over 30 years' experience in the chemicals industry, both within private companies and associations


Tony Rice
Senior Advisor Marine & Maritime

Former Secretary-General of a large international marine association for 13 years working at EU, IMO & ILO level


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