At the heart of public relations and public affairs is a conversation that takes place amongst a wheel of participants: with key policymakers, internal and external stakeholders, media and your consumers.

In order to maximise results, these conversations need to have a strategy in place that combines and compliments your business objectives, creates the right messages and uses a variety of channels to transmit that message.

Our talented and creative team will work with you to develop your narrative or design a new one for you, using our available services and tools that fit your needs.

  • Technical & Regulatory Advocacy
    • EU monitoring & sectorial analysis
    • Advocacy during EU ordinary legislative procedure
    • Designing comitology & standardisation strategies
    • Leveraging key MEPs & Member States’ experts
    • Working with the Commission’s expert groups
    • Outreaching to global technical bodies (UNECE, IMO, etc.)
  • Creation & Management of Trade Associations/Industry Alliances
    • Assessing the creation of new European associations
    • Creating effective & consensus-based governance
    • Maintaining agile and risk free “EU representative organizations”
    • Creating ad-hoc alliances between existing EU associations
    • Involving volunteers in internal & external committees
    • Administrating Belgian/EU non- profit organisations (legal & fiscal affairs, etc.)
  • Reputation Management, Political Communications & Media Relations
    • Undertaking industry or thematic reputation audits
    • Enhancing a political image by running an EU profile-raising campaign
    • Streamlining strategic political communication & infographics
    • Designing innovative policy dialogue events
    • Coordinating EU media campaigns
    • Managing social media activities